harper gives hugs now.  it is SO sweet.  the first time she did it was the cutest…i was so sad i didn’t get it on video because it was totally unprompted and she hugged a strange little girl.  last monday when we were making the hellish journey back home from montana (see previous post), we met a little girl (and her mom) in the airport.  she was about 3 months older than harper.  she and harper were staring at each other for awhile, and then harper just walked right over and hugged her!  so cute!  since then, if you get down on her level and say, “harper, can i have a hug?”, she’ll go right over and “hug” you.  too cute. 

she’s started saying “no” alot, and is trying to mimic things we say.  she also has been super buddy-buddy with opie lately, which is fun.  another cool thing is that she is definitely a beach baby…no “convincing” needed.  thank goodness.  she loves to cover herself in sand, sit in the waves, and just explore around.  i can’t wait until she’s old enough to put on a surfboard!

we leave in a week to go to vegas without her.  we’ll be ther for 4 full days celebrating our 5 year anniversary.  ahhh!  not that i want to take her, but i am seriously having to mentally prepare myself for being away from her for that long.  on the other hand, i am NOT having to mentally prepare myself for sleeping in every day!!!!!  thanks mom!


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