i’ve mentioned before that i love reading other people’s blogs…most of the time i start out on someone i know, and then click, click, click, it’s onto an interesting stranger.  this morning i found a christian mom’s blog.  here’s an excerpt: 

“We met at a church and there was a playground right outside the meeting room and most of the older children were out there, including mine. Mesa was about 22 months old at the time and she slammed open the door, looked for me, who was leading the meeting at the time, and ran over. She lifted my shirt, nursed for maybe 30 seconds, and ran back off to play.”

okay, ew.  is this weird to anyone else?  the wierdest part is, after reading more of her posts, i figured out that this girl and her husband share a bed with their kids, anytime they want.  her son is almost three and still sleeps with them.  he is three and he STILL NURSES before he falls asleep!  sorry if anyone reading this has done/is planning on doing the same thing, but in my opinion, it is just wrong to be that attached to your kids.  they WILL have issues.  i always think about what the girls did in bible times with their babies…still, that was in bible times when everyone slept in the same room.  personally, i don’t want my kids to feel “at home” in my bedroom, much less in my bed with me and my husband!  how/when do these people have sex?  in my opinion, one of the most important cornerstones for a good family is for the kids to know and understand that their parents’ relationship with each other comes first.  how is that message communicated when kids know they can barge into bed with their parents whenever they want?!


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