um. yeah.  i just read a few more posts from that girls blog (see previous post) and here is something she said about her 3 year old: 

“He did decide that I could wash the shirt that he’s had on for the past 3 days though! I had to promise it would be clean in the morning. ) He is so awesome!”

i do detect a note of sarcasm, however who allows their kid to wear the same clothes 3 days in a row?!  i’ve had harper in her pj’s until 1:00 pm before and felt a little guilty about it…but 3 days?!  also just discovered that these people are into UNSCHOOLING … never heard of it before, but it’s an interesting idea for sure.

gotta go seperate change…i’m seperating our spare change into baggies for the slot machines!


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  1. Hey Katie-
    I thought I’d let you know that I read your blog sometimes and think its good. Many things you say are so funny! I’m sorry you guys had a bad flying experience. 😦 Also—I agree it being strange about the girl still breastfeeding the three year old! I have heard about the “unschooling” thought process and often those people seem to also be into things like co-sleeping, breastfeeding for practially forever, babywearing and no vaccinations……Some of it seems pretty extreme but I guess it works for some people! 🙂 Crazy!

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