this movie is funny.  we watched it last night and i laughed the whole time.  it’s written and directed by mike judge, the same guy that did office space and beavis and butthead (good concept, even though it was crass).  he’s also written stuff for SNL and is a sometimes actor.

the movie starts out showing two couples talking about having kids.  couple A are idiots.  they have 5 kids and are irresponsibly working on more.  they are idiots, thus their kids are idiots, and thier grandkids are idiots.  couple B are extremely intelligent and career driven.  they are in front of the camera discussing why “now” isn’t a good time to have kids (“not with the market  the way it is”).  10 years later when they finally do want to have kids, they aren’t able. 

fast-forward 500 years, and the world is filled with super-idiots.  the intelligent half of our species has slowly been overcome by the stupid.  the world is full of trash, everything is run down (roads, buildings, etc.), and healthcare has come down to a bunch of diagnostic computers that “some smart guy built like 200 years ago”.  crops won’t grow because the only water anywhere is in the toilet.  plants, animals, and people are all hydrated with “brawndo”, a sports drink whose company had long before bought out every bottled water company and farm irrigation system.  there are no growing things anywhere.  everyone talks in slang…ebonics, valley-girl, and surfer.  there is sex and profanity everywhere (starbucks has turned into a “massage parlor”).  signs are spelled wrong and the president is a former wrestler who gropes his spandex-clad crotch all the time. 

at the beginning of the story, the army chooses two people for an experiment.  they are put into some high-tech “coffins”, pumped with a bunch of drugs, and sent into a hibernation state that is supposed to last a year.  soon after the man (a slacker army librarian) and the woman (a prostitute) are put into hibernation, the people in charge go to jail and the program is forgotten.  the “coffins” are covered over with debris when the base is leveled, and the experiement is forgotten.  500 years later there is a “trash avalanche” that causes the “coffins” to be uncovered and opened.  unrealistic, yes, but this movie really makes you think.  when the man and woman come out of their hibernations, they are the smartest people on earth (by far).  at first they are searching everywhere for a time machine to get back to 2006.  then they help the president solve some simple problems (water should go on the crops instead of “brawndo”) and eventually become heros.  they marry and take over the white house, deciding that even if there was a time “masheen”, they want a fresh start where they’re above average.

the premise of the movie may sound stupid, but it is really funny and thought provoking.  i said to ryan after it was over, “you have to be really smart to make people look so stupid”.  mike judge really makes you think about things that we’ve surrounded ourselves with…mostly to enable laziness.  many people don’t drink water because it doesn’t taste as good as gatorade.  they don’t excercise because sitting in front of the tv is easier.  we speak in slang because it makes us sound cool or because we never paid attention to our vocabulary books. 

even though this movie has quite a bit of profanity and sexual reference, i would recommend it.  it is a great reminder of why kids should stay in school, why adults should read and write, and why we should take care of our bodies.  there was no spiritual aspect, which i would’ve liked to see, but i’m sure we could all imagine what the church will be like in 500 years… 


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