the not-so-friendly skies.

so…yesterday was THE worst day i’ve had so far as a parent.  hands down.  i still love my daughter and am so happy to be her mommy, but yesterday i could’ve given her away to a stranger.  we were in montana all last week at my mom’s.  the flight up wasn’t pleasant, so i was semi-prepared to not look forward to the trip back.  i was dreading it for several days, but boy am i glad i had no idea how bad it could be.  🙂  i seriously think the only thing that could’ve made it worse would be if i had twins (but in that case, we would’ve had at least two seats…so nevermind). 

we had to leave for the airport around 5:15 am, so i woke harper up around 5, not worried about it because i thought she’d sleep on the way to the airport (a little over an hour’s drive).  nope.  didn’t sleep in the car, didn’t sleep on the first plane ride.  we got to salt lake and our  flight to atlanta had been delayed SIX hours.  i almost puked when i saw the display board.  luckily, delta is pretty efficient about rebooking, so we got on a flight 3 hours later to dallas (on a different airline).  she slept about 20 mintues at the beginning of the second leg.  i had her kitty positioned on her face, to block out some of the light (she does that in her crib)…i moved kitty a little bit and harper woke up with a start…screaming.  as hard as i tried, i couldn’t get her back to sleep.  so, that’s all the sleep she got until she finally crashed on the last plane around 9:00…  for a kid who usually has at least 2 hours’ worth of nap a day, she got 20 minutes.  on top of that, she’d been on mtn. time for a week, so her schedule/sleep pattern was already wierd.  i started crying halfway through the second planeride and really only stopped long enough to eat some chinese food in dallas.  on the last plane, two passengers offered to buy me things (a $3 snack and a glass of wine), and the stewardesses took harper off my hands for a few mintues…i think they thought it was either that or they’d have to give a statement when she was taken from my custody.  🙂  bless her little heart.  she was SO utterly exhausted and just couldn’t deal with it.  so, she was THAT kid.  the one that everyone stares at and wonders how she got so bratty and why isn’t her mom doing anything about it.  she was scratching me, biting me, squirming, and screaming.  ugh, i’m getting sick to my stomach thinking about it.  she finally gave up and fell asleep about 30 minutes before we landed.  i could swear i felt the entire plane breath a sigh of releif.  even after she was asleep people kept looking back at us…i guess they were checking to see if we had been tossed out (which is probably what most were hoping for haha).  when we got to palm beach, my luggage was lost.  i hardly cared.  i was just glad to be on the ground and REALLY glad that my precious husband was there to wrangle harper for the hour and a half it took to figure out where my luggage is.

needless to say i have a bad taste in my mouth for flying and i don’t plan on doing it anytime soon…  not until she understands what “stop touching him” or “don’t kick the seat” means.  or until i’m sure she won’t be possessed by a demon when we walk through the gate.


2 Responses to “the not-so-friendly skies.”

  1. Sounds like you had a real memory maker of a trip. Did Harper have trouble with her ears on the plane? It sounds like you had someone sitting beside you, too. No extra seat ??? ouch, that made it even more embarrassing didn’t it?

    I love you, monkey mommy … > >


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