harper at 14 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

every morning when i walk in her room at 8:30 (yes, she sleeps that late) the first word out of her mouth is “pool”.  she says it five more times while i change her diaper and continues to say it ALL DAY LONG.  when i finally do take the 15 minutes to fill up her beloved pool (purple plastic on the porch), change into something sweat-worthy, and change her into a swimsuit (complete with sunscreen), she spends most of her time digging in the plants or looking for sooty bbq tools to rub on herself or learning that hot cement really burns your feet than she does in the pool (yes i know that was a run-on sentence).  in fact, to get her to sit in the pool, i have to physically sit her down in the water, and she gets right back up.  still, i usually save this activity for right before daddy comes home at the end of the day…it’s either that or TV, so i’m sure digging in the dirt is probably the more productive activity.  (plus, if there were no pool, what would i dangle my feet in while trying not to pass out?)   

Other things she’s into right now:

says other words: “shoe”, “teeth”, “dada”, “tree”, “pee” (for Opie), “ball”     she loves to wear my necklaces and carry the keys.  she is OBSESSED with cell phones.  holds them up to her hear and has a conversation with who knows who…usually daddy, unless he’s at work.  i would LOVE to know what she says to him.  🙂  she still sleeps like a bear cub…usually 13 hours at night and 2 two-hour naps during the day.  i’ve thought about moving her to one nap, but she still gets super fussy if she goes longer than 3 hours without sleep.  why mess up a good thing?!  she loves to climb on things and to walk around by herself (in the hall, parking lot, grass, whatever…).  she laughs like crazy if i stick my tongue out at her, or if opie gives her kisses.  she LOVES her daddy and has so much fun playing with him when he gets home.  she loves dogs.  her favortie toy is still books….or lately, her talking Baby Tad.  she is still obsessed with other kids and babies. 


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