so, i’ve tried three times to make this a successful blog, and twice i’ve ended up deleting all my past posts.  i LOVE reading other people’s blogs (mostly people i don’t even know), and i really have a desire to make mine interesting enough that people would visit it more than once.  actually, before today, i had my settings to private so that i was the only one who could see my posts…kina like a diary.  but, i have NEVER been a good diary keeper, so that didn’t work. 

i’ve decided to start doing what i’d hoped to avoid…when in doubt, i’m going to write about my kid.  i’ve done a terrible job keeping her “baby book” updated, so maybe this’ll be easier.  i’m on the computer all the time anyway, so checking in a few times a week shouldn’t be so bad.  we’ll see how it goes.


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